About LevelTwo

LevelTwo Team

Passionate about helping New Zealand's deep technology companies reach the world stage
Mat Rowe Executive Director

Mat has over a decade of experience at LevelTwo through his work with both LanzaTech and BioDiscovery. He is now the CEO of Dotterel Technologies as well as Director of LevelTwo

Imche Fourie Chief Executive Officer

Imche brings her background in early stage investment and nonprofit management to LevelTwo, where she has a particular focus on partnerships and new programmes

Lachlan Macdonald Operations Coordinator

Lachlan manages the day to day operations for LevelTwo. He is also working on a PhD in biomedical engineering, as well as studying acute myeloid leukaemia with the leukaemia & blood cancer research unit at The University of Auckland

LevelTwo Advisory Board

Jennifer Sutton

Jennifer was a senior commercial and public law litigation partner in one of NZ's largest commercial law firms and has held various chair roles. As part of her extensive early-stage portfolio she has invested in several LevelTwo ventures

Peter Beck

Peter founded Rocket Lab in 2006, and has since grown the company out of the basement of LevelTwo to multiple high-volumne rocket production facilities across Auckland and California, as well as launch pads in New Zealand and the United States

Sean Simpson

Sean co-founded global biofuels leader LanzaTech in 2005 on a borrowed lab bench at LevelTwo. These days, as Chief Scientific Officer, he goes between LanzaTech's interests and joint ventures around the world, as well as serving on the board of several LevelTwo ventures