A Space for Deep Tech to Grow

Our Mission

We provide a home and support for start-ups on the bleeding edge of science and technology.

Affordable and flexible space

Ideal for big ideas to develop. Our permitting allows for both garden variety and exotic R&D to take place. And like a hermit crab, we aim to let you alter your occupancy as necessary.

An active community

Which includes seasoned entrepreneurs and bright young minds. Whatever your battle, chances are someone can lend advice based on first-hand experience. Investment rounds, IP, grants, legal, accounting, etc. – just ask around the coffee machine.

A suite of support services and connections to friendly investors

Help your company along the road to success. We won’t push you through a one-size-fits-all accelerator programme – we aim to keep things light-touch and provide tailored support when you need it.

Our Partners

LevelTwo works with companies, government agencies, investor groups and other organisations who support New Zealand’s emerging technologies. Our partners represent leading expertise in their field and a passion for bleeding edge innovation.