Our Companies in Residence

Poised to take on the world


Avertana has developed a patented process to refine valuable minerals and chemicals from industrial waste. Avertana’s process uses innovative chemistry, advanced materials, and novel process design to make raw materials for everyday products at lower cost, with less environmental impact


BioConsortia are developing microbial consortia for increasing agricultural yields. They have developed a revolutionary Advanced Microbial Selection process, which uses directed selection to discover beneficial teams of microbes to improve trait performance in a crop.

Biotelliga Ltd

As the world looks toward sustainable, nutrient-rich food sources, Biotelliga is there - working in partnership with nature to develop agricultural crop protection technologies that minimise environmental & toxicological impacts while maximising crop performance & yield.


NZC brings regenerative medicine and tissue engineering approaches to skincare, creating original formulations for both its own brands and for other's. The company has a strong emphasis on research and development, focusing on investigating natural biopolymers and their use as scaffolding for active ingredient delivery in topical applications.


NZeno is focused on utilising NZ's unique pathogen-free pig stocks in the field of xenotransplantation. Such disease-free organs could help eliminate kidney transplant waitlists.

Mint Innovation

Mint uses a mixture of chemistry and microbiology to recover valuable metals from various feedstocks, e.g. gold from electronic waste.

Dotterel Technologies

Dotterel develop noise reduction solutions for drones. Noise is a particular problem in cinematography, with drone noise adding time and money to post-processing of footage; and for live streaming news, sporting events and nature filming it is a disturbance which can restrict use.

SC Bio

SC Bio Limited are a Microbial Solutions Company who specialise in rapid Endotoxin Testing, Microbial Identification and Microbial Detection.

Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy is developing a range of cystic fibrosis specific formulations and medical devices to provide better tools for clinicians and patients dealing with this life shortening illness.


Hydroxsys is a clean-tech company founded on unique water extraction technologies aimed at the mining, dairy and other industries requiring water extraction or remediation from waste water.


Millefeuille pursues skincare development at the cutting-edge of environmental, ethical and innovative progress. The most organic scientific advances are applied to promote the beauty and youth of the skin in a respectful and lasting manner.

Pastoral Robotics

Pastoral Robotics uses the nitrate from cow urine to grow more grass. The farmer makes more money, and our rivers and waterbodies are protected - it’s a win-win!


Pictor is on a mission to provide a complete immunodiagnostic solution that can be deployed in regions with the highest disease burden. Pictor's technology fulfils the need for simple and cost-effective diagnostic tests that can be used to combat some of the most prevalent and rising diseases in the world.

O2O2 Facewear

O2O2 facewear allows the millions who are dependent on masks and respirators to live without fear of air pollutants & airborne pathogens.


REANNZ, New Zealand's research, & education network; operates a national, high capacity, high-speed network to connect the research, education & innovation communities to one another and the world. Providing members like Level Two with fast, secure, uncontested internet service.

Rocket Lab

Led by Kiwi entrepreneur Peter Beck, the billion-dollar aerospace startup Rocket Lab is now revolutionising the space industry from its operations in Los Angeles, Auckland and Mahia.

CPE Systems

CPE Systems are specialists in developing custom designed automated test equipment, real time data acquisition, structural and condition monitoring, and vision systems.

Canary Data Solutions

Canary is a cutting edge provider of enterprise software development, business intelligence solutions and automation software systems.


Originally the metrology laboratory of NZ's Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, The Measurement & Calibration Centre are experts in dimensional analysis, calibration, machinery alignment and hydrographic survey.

Ti Tonics

Ti Tonics are a unique collection of ‘functional infusions’ – technically advanced beverages that incorporate grape extracts to provide both fibre and polyphenols, nature’s most powerful antioxidants.

Cord Bank

Cord Bank offers umbilical cord blood banking services for newborns in New Zealand.


The Kruse GPS Travel Guide combines audio commentary content with GPS navigation and a complete source of relevant information for self-drive travellers in NZ.

Power Badger Energy

Power Badger is developing blockchain solutions and applications for energy management. Pursuing innovative solutions for remote geothermal & hydro-powered facilities; they are building a scaleable proof of concept blockchain mining facility.


NZBIO is an organisation focused on growing NZ's bioeconomy. With members across agbiotech, health, industrial, environmental and food biosciences, we are here to support the growth of NZ's businesses employing aspects of biotechnology.

Health Innovation Hub

The Hub provides health innovators with advice on product and service ideas to bring them to reality. They are a partnership with the three biggest District Health Boards in NZ (Auckland, Counties Manukau and Canterbury).


The LanzaTech process uses patented, wholly-owned microbes to convert carbon rich wastes and residues produced by industry (e.g. steel manufacturing) into valuable fuel and chemical products through a process of gas fermentation


Moxion helps filmmakers make better films by providing a centralised hub for distributing assets, facilitating conversations, and furnishing a powerful tool for managing stakeholders and the production process.


Drikolor has developed and patented a colourant technology to produce dry, granulated pigments that disperse rapidly when combined with water based coating systems.